Project Cost Estimation

PCost is a windows-based application for project cost estimation based on a dynamic database. It also keeps records of all projects and their cost estimation details, which can be easily used for new similar projects to provide a substantial time saving. The application can also be used for archiving all information for enterprise resources including: Projects, Staff, Partners, Employers, Contractors, Tenders, Offers, Contracts, MoUs, and Contacts. All information is securely stored so that it cannot be access without authorization. Furthermore, email messages or SMS text messages can be sent directly to Staff, Partners, Employers, Contractors, and Contacts directly from within the application.

The application can be easily installed and used, and it is very interactive with many help tips and warnings for critical actions. PCost can help you build your project pricing strategy and enable you to build more than one strategy to estimate the cost of any project you working on. Furthermore, any information you enter to the application will be saved for future use. The application helps you add, edit, delete, display the information of any of the entities defined above. Also you can produce a hardcopy for any of the entities with all or partial attributes. The application is very secure application, as all users have to follow a special activation and registration procedure before they can use it. This activation procedure will be done only once when activating the application for the first time on your computer. To run the application, the user should enter a valid and registered username and password, which are usually chosen by the user during the activation procedure.

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